The Vodka Museum

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Where is the best place for a visitor to spend his leisure time in sophisticated contemplation? A museum, of course. The Vodka and Moonshine Museum (incidentally, the first of its kind

in Russia) holds more than two-and-a-half thousand brands of this strong Russian drink. Their magical names cast a spell over you… Nevertheless, the goal behind the creation of this museum is to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The museum explores a special and lesser-known aspect of Russian history, and holds lectures, seminars, exhibition tours and, of course, tastings. Theory with no practice, as we know, is dead. Actual tastings allow our guests to reinforce in practice what they have learned in practice,

while viewing the exhibition. Here, in a warm and homely atmosphere, you can learn to distinguish nuances in the flavor of different vodkas, and discover the secrets of their preparation.

Upon entering the museum, you will find yourself surrounded by extraordinary machines, and will learn their history and how they are used. The museum’s collection is constantly being expanded, with many exhibits being presented by grateful visitors. This collection could even grow further with your help: the museum even has its own exchange bank.