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Accommodation Night*
Country estate (drawing room, Russian billiards, three bedrooms, kitchen, all conveniences, TV) 45000rub.
- The Carved House (two bedrooms) 10900rub. 12900rub.
- The Carver’s House (two bedrooms) 9900rub. 11900rub.
- The Painted House (two bedrooms) 9900rub. 11900rub.
- The Lase House (three bedrooms) 11900rub. 13900rub.
- The Elegant House (two bedrooms) 11400rub. 13400rub.
- The Terem House (three bedrooms) 13400rub. 15400rub.
- Country house of XIXth century (one bedroom, all conveniences ,TV, Russian bath) 8900rub. 10900rub.
Соленья нашего приготовления(на 2-3 персоны) 520/10 480
Hotel/Inn - single room 2600rub.
Hotel/Inn - double room 2900rub. 3400rub.
Restaurant: A la card

Additional services Coast a person
visiting of vodka museum with tasting (8 kinds of vodka) 1000rub.
picnic (shooting by bow, mulled wine, tea, pies, departure in the wood by horses) 100rub.
horse-riding 900rub.
Russian Troika (5 persons max., in winter only) 1100rub/30min.
Riding a horse carriage 600rub/ 30min
Russian bath (banya) 380rub/hour
skates, ski, Finnish sledge 200rub/hour
bicycles 250rub/hour
snowmobiles/quads 800rub/10min
Oars boats 400rub/hour
Immersion in the 19th century 3000rub/day
Master–class of culinary from 900 rub
Master–class of Russian crafts from 600 rub
Sporting (shooting-ground) - shooting by hunting guns on plates 80 rub/ shot
Sporting (shooting-ground) - shooting by arbalest 250 rub/ 5 shots

* - week-days/week-end and holidays