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A stately house on peninsula

Design for this building being discussed by the manager of the Mandrogi Program, S. E. Gutzeit, with the President of the Russian Federation 2000-2008, Vladimir Putin. The building which rises up over the Svir river is designed to accommodate a family of 3-6, with all modern conveniences.

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The houses

Between the village street and the river is a line of six guest houses, each of which is not just unique, but has its own soul. From the balconies overlooking the river, it seems that you just need to stretch out your hand to touch the passing passenger ships, while the windows are filled each evening with ever-changing northern sunsets.

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The house near the creek

The house is situated in a picturesque location in the woods near a small creek. Historic image of the house and the interior design remained largely intact.

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For diehard city dwellers, we offer a comfortable duplex apartment with verandahs on the upper and lower ground floor in a quiet location on the banks of the creek.

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The Inn

The Inn Building (architect: A. Stepanov) is a reconstruction of an eighteenth-century post office (a line of post offices once ran from St. Petersburg to Archangelsk, passing through Mandrogi). The Inn is one of the first buildings constructed in the village. Everywhere in the interiors you will find antique furniture, antique life tools.

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The Hotel

Surrounded by a beautiful forest fairy folk hotel in the village Mandrogi decorated with carved ornaments. You will not find any of the same room all the interiors are the author's style. The furniture in the rooms varies antique and modern hand-painted. In the evening in the lobby of the hotel, you may drink a cup of tea, enjoy the birds singing outside the window, read a book from the small library located on each floor of the hotel. There are two floors in the Hotel with 33 rooms: 5 rooms with king-size bed and 28 rooms with twin beds. Each room has its own bathroom with shower.

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