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Immersion in the Nineteenth Century

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Nineteenth-century log houses, from Vologda Oblast. These were found in distant villages, split up into numbered beams and posts, shipped to Mandrogi and re-assembled exactly as they had stood in a carefully-chosen new location, far from noise and bustle. Every year, project participants discover cultural and historical treasures in forgotten corners all across Russia. Authentic peasant houses are painstakingly restored and lovingly furnished with typical utensils,

tools and other items.

In these age-old interiors, it is easy to slip back into a forgotten time. This is the goal of a specially designed ethnography program, called Immersion in the Nineteenth Century.

Visitors dress up in Russian national costumes, sewn to match historical artifacts, and live without electricity, telephones and the conveniences of modern life.

It is one thing to read historical books, and quite another to put on a traditional rubakha—a long T-shaped tunic made of thick fabric—and spend even one day, from sunrise to sunset, immersed in the difficult life of a Russian peasant. You will have to harness a horse, crush flour between grinding stones, cut firewood—all with your bare hands. Meanwhile, the ladies will learn all the charms of a village woman’s fate: milking cows, feeding the fires and ovens, grind grain and bake bread in an oven.