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The art of the Russian steamroom is highly valued at Mandrogi. There is a traditional Russian banya, a “black-smoke” steamhouse, a sauna, and an outdoors steam-tent. Experienced and capable banshiki will help you choose the perfect amount of steam. No wonder Russians say “The banya steams, the banya smokes, the banya makes us healthy folks”

Sport shooting.

Test yourself at the village shooting gallery. Sporting clays—shooting machine-thrown clay targets—is a harmless simulation of the sport of shooting birds. The clays-hooting area is outfitted according to the rules of the sport, with professional clay-throwing machines. Alternatively, lovers of antique weaponry can choose crossbows or traditional archery bows. In the breaks between rounds, shooters can discuss their successes with fellow sportsmen over fresh tea and home-made pies.


Okhota pushe nevoli is the name of this village hunting station; the Russian saying can be translated as “Where there’s a will, there will be a hunt”. Hunters bring back moose and wolves from the surrounding taiga, while hunts for wood grouse and black grouse are famous in the area.

The local gamesmen are famed for their knowledge—they are happy to teach you endless forest tricks and lore, but they believe that rather than shooting fowl, it is better to protect the birds and let them multiply.


Fishing on the Svir and in stocked ponds, or fishing for salmon from breeding ponds? With so much choice, everyone can have fun improving their fishing skills, from novice to expert. Spool fishing, bottom fishing and float fishing—choose the type you prefer and set off on your morning or evening fishing trip, and you will have no regrets. When you get home, our skilled chefs will happily cook your fishing trophies.

The village stables.

The village stables have become famous for the successful breeding of Vladimir draught horses. Two champions of the breed were reared here, and horse-riding lessons are given at the stables to both beginners and advanced riders. The stables are staffed by master equestrians.

Beginners are taught in the riding hall, on calm and poised horses. More experienced riders travel out into the woods and fields. A wonderful cross-country route takes in a variety of different landscapes: taiga, heather moorland, and mixed forests. The horses in the village are kept in ideal conditions and the best of health. The stables are managed by V. E. Timofeev, a master equestrian, well-known in Russia as an expert on harness horse breeds.

The forest picnic.

Particularly enjoyable is arriving at a forest picnic in a horse-buggi, warming up by the fire, sipping aromatic gluhwein from the samovar, chatting with friends and listening to the stories of the local gamekeeper. Just getting there via the beautiful road, in a horse-drawn coach or buggy in the summer, or in a sleigh in the winter, is an experience that everyone remembers.